Oh did you just watch the movie on the big screen?  Is that why you’re here?

You said you wanted it in theaters. We got it in theaters. You say you want to be in the movie so we’re giving you a chance to be in the movie! That’s right, now you have a chance to be in Please Subscribe by entering the BE IN PLEASE SUBSCRIBE CONTEST!

It’s really easy to enter:

  1. Make and upload a 2 minute YouTube video explaining why YOU should be in Please Subscribe
  2. Email that video to [email protected]
  3. There is no step 3.

It’s that easy! You can find the full set of official contest rules HERE and YOU might find yourself face to face with Dan Dobi as he documents your life as a YouTuber.

Winner will be filmed by Please Subscribe director Dan Dobi and appear in a special segment to be screened with the film at Playlist Live 2013.

AND THERE’S MORE! If you’re a musician you can even win a chance to open on the DigiTour in your hometown! (Click below for full contest rules and restrictions)

Get excited, get ready, and get filming. See you soon!

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